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    On Mar 27, 2020 David Doane wrote:

    Martin Shaw's allegory of the smoke hole is profound for me. The Western World has closed the smoke hole, and in so doing we have broken our connection to divinity not only outside our tent but also inside and closed ourselves in on ourselves with our little egos. How tragic what we've done to ourselves. What helps me while in solitude is knowing that all creation is divine or sacred and I am part of all sacred creation. I and this world can forget, deny, or ignore that, but it's still true. Maybe the crisis that is happening at this time will wake us up to our connection with sacred creation. What helps me is growing in awareness that the extension of God called my soul is my embodied essence. With that awareness I am enhancing relationship with my soul. With that awareness the smoke hole is open.

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    On Mar 31, 2020 Rachel Goddard wrote:

    very interesting
    I'm feeling a tricky space to go within as I have a 5 yr old girl and now her father has moved in after taking 3 years to separate from a very unconscious relationship I find myself living very closely as he was to find the space to go within seems very limiting as I'm mostly dynamic managing . Which after 3 weeks lockdown is quite a challenge as I'm sure for all mothers...the smoke hole is interesting as .
    if we were smoked out and died we could be reborn. Which is the world over
    we are going through 3d death and 5d birth a massive leap. Which I understand. All my life I have had a deeper view one most family and friends ds would criticize. Now one must draw on that . So the I ner self is finally being given a platform to be heard...I will listen now with more calm and awareness than ever has and ever will. This time is a gift. I will accept it graciously.
    rachel aka Anusha

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