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    On Mar 24, 2020 Tyler wrote:

    Thank you for this beautiful post! I love this analogy of being pregnant with a story. It is easiest for me to relate my own actual pregnancies! (I've had 3, one ending in miscarriage). All have been so incredibly meaningful and each, my greatest teachers! My 2 sons have taught me more about life, myself and God than anything else. They have challenged me and given me indescribable joy. My miscarriage taught me how to let go and grieve well. My oldest son is a 2 time cancer survivor and his journey has been the bedrock of my faith. And my younger son has been the role model of steadiness and temperance for me. I lost both of my children while in rehab for alcoholism. Losing them taught me that I don't own anything in this life. It is all a gift! Gratefully, they have returned to my life and I'm able to enjoy them as young men;observing, delighting and rejoicing in them as beautiful souls that call me, Mom. Love and Light to All as we experience the unfolding of this moment in time with wonder and compassion. 💗🙏🏻

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    On Mar 24, 2020 David Doane wrote:

    Thanks for sharing a glimpse into important times of your life You/we sure do experience ups and downs, good fortune and bad. I love your saying that you/we don't anything in this life and it's all a gift. -- I full agree. Yes, love and light to us as we experience further unfolding.

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    On Mar 26, 2020 Bernard Koh wrote:

    Let's all pray that the world can recover from the current pandemic.

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