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    On Mar 20, 2020 susan schaller wrote:

    I began a journey to Germany on March second, but the journey, as almost always, was not the one I planned. After a beyond-imagination week, I have finally arrived home to my woods in N. Idaho. The glimpse of the unknown, unknowable was given me over and over the last few days. I was able to breathe, smile and keep moving. And everyone seemed beautiful. Almost everyone smiled and gave of themselves. The CDC screener in Dulles airport, with mask, gloves gave me my instructions and said, "I am giving you a gift. Everything is a gift." I am now quarantined in a room, but the universe is all here. I will breathe, smile and keep moving in love, the glimpse of the glue that holds us all.

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    On Mar 21, 2020 David Doane wrote:

    Your experience is evidence that life often happens aside from plans, and life is what you make it. It sounds like your ability to go with the unknown helped you have a positive though very different than expected experience. People gave of themselves to you, and I'm sure your manner and your way of receiving were a big part of that. I too believe "Everything is a gift." I love your attitude that the universe is all here, including in quarantine, and moving in love is the glue that holds us all. Some people would have made the experience you had a horrible one, and you made it be positive. Keep moving in love.

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