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    On Mar 13, 2020 David Doane wrote:

    All the world and all time and each of us are expressions of God, so the world and time and we are sacred. A time of pandemic makes it more obvious that we are all in this world together, and since we and this world are sacred, a time of pandemic is particularly sacred. I also believe we don't have control, our existence is very precarious, and we are very vulnerable, all of which underlines my gratitude that I am alive and part of all that is happening. Change, including drastic change, is an adventure -- there are definitely times I don't like change and there are times I remind myself that I can grow the most when the change is most drastic. What helps me move beyond fear and root in the warmth of my heart (meaning soul), is knowing that the soul which is essential me is an extension of God, and when I remind myself of that I know there is nothing to be afraid of. Being part of God what could there be to be afraid of?

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