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    On Mar 2, 2020 PK wrote:

    Just the right message for me as I struggle with these exact issues -- cognition and relaxation. To use a funny but easily relatable story, let me talk about my passion (and obsession) for anything that I take up. Photography, check. Table Tennis, Check, Tennis, Check. Indian philosophy, check. Whatever I take up, I put 200% into it.
    Recently I started table tennis after 30 years of not playing it. Of course, top of the line table, ball machine, membership in a couple of clubs and weekly coaching -- all are essential, right? for laughing out loud, I am trying to find something to entertain and relax me during my retirement. But more attention I paid to TT, less I made progress. In fact, I got worse. Physically I ended up with Tennis elbow (can you imagine getting tennis elbow hitting a less than 10 gms plastic ball?).
    The more I willed, less I progressed. The more I thought and strategized, more I got dejected. Only recently, I am learning to just feel and let go and hope one day I relax into it.
    Thank you

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    On Mar 3, 2020 Suraj Chhettri wrote:

    Very much informative, motivating and inspiring articles!!

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