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    On Feb 29, 2020 Bansi Pandya wrote:

    We use language (past) and thinking for objective description to reveal which is beyond itself, that is to say, all verbal formulation of intuitional apprehension obscures rather than reveals what has been apperceived.
    Question is how do you relate to the notion that willpower is directed through thinking, while relaxation can only be felt?
    It is thinking(functioning awareness) thinker (conceptual entity) and thought(pointing to object) triad in every conceptual thinking, how a thinker can have will power or volitional freedom in this triad as a thinker? If we live knowing and acting with this truth than life felt relaxation. We live life as an entity repeat past knowledge or apparent appearance. shadow can not chase the source. Krishnamurti said " The 'me' is created by thought and the 'me' says: "I am independent of thought".

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