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    On Feb 26, 2020 Bharat Chauhan wrote:

    If I may assume that God means same qualities in every religion/belief then for the sake of understanding, let's call God=Principle. Principles are natural laws that are universal, self-evident, self-validating, timeless, objective and at work whether or not we understand or value them. For example the Law of Gravity.
    If another assumption I make is true then every religion/belief is a mental map of that community. Lets call it Paradigm.
    As long as Paradigms are in alignment with the principle there should not be any conflict. Just the Peace everywhere.
    Learning lesson for me is that before I act on any of my thought(Paradigm), I should confirm that its in alignment with the Principle(GOD). If not then don't act on it because acting on a thought that is not aligned to the Principle is for sure going to bring conflict.

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