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    On Feb 11, 2020 Jodi Pearson wrote:

    I believe in my white wolf. I know she is strong and has tancity and strong will. She is not lacking in anything that My Great Spirit or God has not blessed me with. If that black wolf is called evil, I would not want it around to devour me. If I kept evil alive I would be less of a good spirit. I thrive when my spirit is good. I feel lost and ugly when my spirit is dark. However, I think the black wolf is not evil. My black wolf is only my yesterday. I made many mistakes yesterday and today I am a white spirit. I needed those dark days yesterday to show me how to be strong and how to fight off my weaknesses. we need to experience sorrow and pain to know joy. We need that rain to grow and sunshine comes after the rain. However, I don't call sorrows evil. Nor is pain evil. So that black wolf that lives in me is just my teacher. Like my drill Sargent. I need both night and day.

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    On Dec 29, 2020 Kasia wrote:

    Well, it's beautiful what you have written. This division into black and white for me is closer to fierce and gentle. I wonder what you think about it.

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