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    On Feb 11, 2020 Vonda wrote:

    To be human is to experience the grace of being alive.

    Wild, Gusty Grace
    by Vonda Drees

    It became my fall routine –
    a daily slip and slide
    down the river’s high bank.
    My trust and gratitude grew for Dogwood and Alder,
    whose branches I learned to grasp
    to steady my descent.

    And then one day when the river was particularly low,
    I sat for just a bit longer on the warm, smooth stones of the shore.
    In the distant green hills,
    a gust of wind created a shiver among the trees.
    As it approached, it skimmed over the shallow water.
    Before I knew what was happening,
    the shiver came through me, too,
    raising the hairs on my arms and sending tingles through my body.

    Memories are like that:
    rhythmic dilations of consciousness
    pulsing through us in unguarded moments –
    unguarded moments.
    This wild grace --
    such a shift in power,
    such a surrendering
    from within,
    such a stir on our skin.

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