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    On Feb 1, 2020 David Doane wrote:

    To deeply listen to someone means to give full attention to what someone is saying, not to what I am thinking, not to judgments or assumptions I might be creating, and not to what I am going to say in response. Deeply listening means being full present to and with the other. Deeply listening means caring about and respecting the other. Deeply listening even means listening to the whole person, that is, listening to what is being said nonverbally as well as verbally. Fortunately, I have often felt deeply listened to, and during those times I have felt met, known, cared about, valued, special, and supported. What helps me to deeply listen is knowing from personal experience how valuable it is to be listened to, and knowing how satisfying it is to listen.

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    On Feb 4, 2020 David Reddy wrote:

    I fully agree with. David Dean's descriptionof listening attentively;however it is not easy so one needs to practise,beginning with family members at home and then in other social activities.In the above ,one has to totally focus,with body,mind and spirit to someone speaking,it is showing love and respect to the other person.
    A great definition of attentive listening,David !

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