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    On Jan 22, 2020 Brenda wrote:

    The response given to Einstein by his associate was, "Who am I to tell God what to do?" I may not have that precisely correct.The Universe as far as I can tell is neutral. What I have been unable to reconcile is the obvious existence of "Evil" in the world. Having worked in the ER for many years, I've simply seen too much evidence of Evils existence to say it does not exist. Evil like the Universe seems to be no respecter of persons. I have watched tragedy come through the ER to every age and social class. I've put bodies of every age into cold morgue trays. I've seen senseless accident, purposeful abuse and sheer stupidity cause loss of life and limb. I focus on working on my own darkness in a Jungian like manner, hoping Jung was right that by doing so in some small way I help to redeem the darkness that lives inside us all. I watched a show, " What the bleep?" In it experiments were done pasting various works on jars of water. It seems that writing love on the jars makes pretty ice crystals while writing hate produces sick looking ones. From that, I an agnostic took this: The Universe is as willing to make ugly ice crystals as beautiful ones and our only power here is to choose which we will write on the waters. I choose to try and write love but I am not at all sure the Universe cares one way or another.

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