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    On Jan 20, 2020 Christine wrote:

    Thanks for your words !
    I really have a pleasure, telling jou something about myself, why I am touched by your words.
    Sorry for my "small" English.

    Once, 3 years ago, I was invited for a lunch, for thanking me, helping during a period of dancing with others.(5 rhytms)
    We are invited to sit near next to very tiny objects.
    I chose immediatly a sailingship, intuitively.
    Not understanding why.
    Trusting that once I would understand the reason why.
    Today, when I read your words, I first understand, how to live my life. How I can change my direction. To be more tuned to my soul: an enthousiastic dancing and moving child.
    Not "only" a housekeeper.
    But really thankfull for having loving relation-SHIPS (Ha ha): my brave and sick 90 years old mother, my son and daughter, partner,brother and others, who I really love.
    There was a time in my life, loving a man, who give me and my children, all his shit. Four years I don 't act, what was needed: to say "stop" to him and leave him. I lost my selfrespect.
    Ten years later: I feel safe enough to
    leave my harbour, letting go my needs to get safe, only by another(very nice) man.
    Now I am safe enough, I'll trust myself, my intuition, my questions for helping me.
    Now I can feel the "calling" wind again.
    Simple by speaking my truth about the pain, caused by people, who will damage me and others, for speaking judgements and killing words about others. What it means to me in the past, not showing my deepest feelings of being so lonely, stressed, depressed.

    I now let go all my fears, of not being good enough, not succesfully enough, not brave enough, to sail away from people, who will press me down, who have no respect for my way of restoring (my) trust in myself and whats really need to be done.
    Focussed on the wind, where she is going, what needs my attention.
    I say "hello" to my happiness and Light. I welcome you, I embrace your happiness and Light.
    I wish the best for you.
    Do it your own way, in your time and rhytm. I do it my way !
    If you like it, to react: welcome to you.

    Thank you, for your inspiring words.
    Christine Reeders.(the Netherlands)

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