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    On Oct 20, 2015 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     What choices do I make that drain and deplete my energy and the energy of others? This is a very important mindfulness question for me. Negative thoughts and negative emotions drain my energy. Positive thoughts and positive emotions enhance my energy. They also result in negative and positive actions hurting or healing me and hurting or healing others. The other is me and I am the other. We are all connected with each other.My intention is to understand the causes of hurting or healing energy, replacing the causes of hurting energy  with positive energy and enhancing the ways of healing energy.

    I practice mindfulness for recognizing the patterns of thoughts that create negative energy. I do not suppress or use defense mechanisms to stay away from them. I  observe them , let them come and go.If positive thoughts and feelings come, I observe them, let them come and let them go.This kind of mindfulness processing of my inner world of thoughts and feelings helps me to be free from getting stuck with the negative thoughts and emotions.I sense the change of energy in my body, mind and heart.It makes me whole and wholesome.

    May we work on ourselves mindfully to be connected with ourselves and others and create experience goodness in our life!


    Jagdish P Dave

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