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    On Jan 14, 2020 Teresa wrote:

    Greetings. I am feeling confident enough to go out and teach meditation and spiritual teachings. My intention is to help others as I have felt so incredibly blessed to have been exposed to this beautiful way of feeling, thinking and being. I deeply want to share so if guided others can embrace what feels like truth to them. I'm confused as to how to have this balance of teaching and Ego. Pleade any suggestions would be honored Thank you. Teresa

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    On Jan 15, 2020 Danny Lopez wrote:

    This is a great question and I applaud you for having this insight. I have dealt with the same issue and I can't say that I have found an answer either. When sharing with others I often frame it with my intention of first creating or holding a space for peace, silence, awareness and hopefully transformation. I approach it in the most humble way possible and this approach I believe allows me to be open and aware enough to know when and how to share what I have learned as well as receptive to what others have to share and teach me.

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    On Jan 18, 2020 David Doane wrote:

    I don't balance teaching and ego very well. I often at least keep my ego focus below 50%. Sometimes, for brief periods, I am so involved in what I am sharing/teaching that I lose awareness of ego. At those times, I don't balance teaching and ego, I let go of ego, and I certainly value and want more of those times. I think my ego interest becomes less with more experiences of non ego focused sharing and teaching.

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