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    On Dec 26, 2019 JASON D. GROODE wrote:

    I Choose to be Grateful for these wonderful opportunities of Growth. In my world there is only one thing going on, and that is growth of our awareness of who we are and then to express that Loving Awareness of Kindness, Gratitude, Generosity, Impeccable Integrity, Empathy, Compassion, Mercy and Foregiveness in our Thoughts, Words and Actions!!
    As we become more aware of who we are, we come to see that we are Consciousness or Love, which both mean the same!! In becoming Love or Consciousness, we express it through different qualities or virtues. So when we feel or say we are Love, this is part of what we mean in our moment to moment expression:

    “SINCERE GRATITUDE" Another of the qualities and virtues on how we express Love, Consciousness and God within us, is for us to have Sincere Gratitude with our inner dialog, words, and actions in every aspect of life. The key word here is Sincere. Gratitude is easy for most of us during the cycles of our lives that are so blessed and wonderful. Where this becomes a spiritual practice is when we have challenges in our life, such as illness, losing a job or relationship, financial difficulties, etc.. It is then our perspective to be grateful for the opportunity for growth. Still feeling the pain, discomfort and difficulty from the experience, and at the same time holding a wider view that our lives are unfolding perfectly every moment for our highest and greatest growth, and to be Sincerely Grateful.

    There is the view of life, that there is only one experience happening, and that is our growth to becoming aware of who we are, and in that process, expressing our loving consciousness and Gratitude along the way. Gratitude creates Harmony within our lives. In our inner dialog, which nobody else hears, when we are Sincerely expressing Gratitude, there is no room for fear, doubt, jealousy, pride, anger, hatred, frustration, etc.. There is only unity with our Divine Self. It is an expression of the Consciousness of who we are!

    I hope you find this helpful, and that many will benefit from experiencing this Truth!! Future emails will share my perspective on what Sincere Generosity, Humility, Patience, Tolerance are, in my process of realizing who I AM!!

    Aloha Nui Loa,
    Soli Deo Gloria (To God Alone the Glory)
    There are no strangers!
    Ya Fattah!!! (Opening the Way)
    Jason D. Groode

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    On Dec 27, 2019 allan G brookstone wrote:

    Who says if you don'tsurrender to the disturbance you get sucked into athe negativity? Whatever happened to taking a positive outlook and keeping it ( as much as possible), no matter what!? Isn'tthis article a bit of a psy op to help make us more obedient and passive? I haveto add that there is so much bad and distorted energy everywhere ( in so called "develpoed" areas) that it seems best to stay centered and as distant as possible from the conventional world.

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