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    On Dec 21, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    We have a tendency to hold on to what blocks our energy caused by disturbances and distractions. Our consciousness is drawn to the most distracting objects and that drains our energy. When our perception is clouded things do not look as they are. Instead of denying or rationalizing we need to recognize them, face them and let them go. It's a good idea to recognize such distractions and disturbances right away and let them go. Awareness of what is happening outside as well as inside is the way to be free. Such awareness helps us to release the darkness and creates light within us. This inner light freesus from the grip of blockages created by our own selves. Letting go helps us ascend our consciousness on a higherplane.

    Letting go of drain energy blockages is an ongoing process until we are fully enlightened. There were times when i had a hard time to let go of emotionally painful experiences. I distinctly remember how I was deeply hurt when someone I loved deeplybecame the cause of my suffering.The sky of my life was filled with dark clouds of agony, anger and pain.My energy was blocked and I went through severe depression. I put my life on hold. It took some time for me to awaken. I let go of the blockages and slowly and gradually became free from
    the depressive thoughts and feelings. I learned from this heavy duty experience how not to get sucked in the hole of this painful misery. By letting go I become free from the bondage of suffering. My suffering mad me stronger inside myself.

    Non-judgmental awarenessof what is happening in me, physically, mentally and emotionally helps me making wise and healthy choices. Letting go of the past and worry somethoughts of the future helps me to live in the present. It generates a positive flow of energy in my daily living.
    JagdishP Dave

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