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    On Dec 21, 2019 Prasad wrote:

    When I retired earlier from my work, I wanted to find somethingthat I coulddo to have fun and not get bored. Especially because I used to travel over 150K miles each year, I wanted to relax and not stay busy and enjoy life. Tennis used to relax me but two years ago, my knee started giving problem so I pickedtable tennis (TT). Iused to love TT when I was in college and played for the college. Once I moved to California though, I started tennis and forgot my old love, TT.
    I started going to India Community Center (ICC) in Milpitas as that is the best place for TT and started practicing every day. Over time, I bought a table, ball machine at home and started taking private coaching. Before long, I was playing 2-3 hours a day and thought I was enjoying till I got Tennis elbow and it became serious enough that I had to stop TT completely for it to heal while getting treatment.
    It got me thinking -- I replaced intense traveling and teaching with playing TT. I did not let go of my job -- just changed it from teaching to TT. The intensity, schedule and commitment were the same. I thought I was enjoying but actually transferred the stress as well. Once I had the realization, I gave up TT. Stopped playing with ball machine, going to ICC and carrying my TT paddle wherever I go. But the emptiness was filled with boredom and regret but not relaxation.
    Then it hit me, I needed to give up my intensity,not playing. I needed to give up my obsession, not passion. I needed to let go, not give up.
    Now, I play alternate days in a nearby club -- just one hour. I practice two three times with the ball machine for 30 minutes. I also relaxed my expectations about getting better in TT and to my surprise, I am getting more consistent. In the middle of it all, my elbow got better and I am having fun and enjoying my relaxed life with Table Tennis

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    On Dec 21, 2019 David Doane wrote:

    I appreciate your story. That was a great awareness for you. Thanks for sharing.

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