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    On Dec 15, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Ken Wilber's passage reminds me of the song sung by a saint: "By losing myself I found myself." When the ego creates the world of this and that, mine and and thine, beauty and ugliness, the world of oneness and wholeness is cracked. It closes and blocks the Internal Eye, the Spiritual Eye, which sees the all-pervading, unending radiant beauty. Every thing is the manifestation of the Radiant Beauty- the all-pervading Divine Presence.

    I feel the presence of Divinity when I let go of the grip of the grasping ego. When I am aware of the ego -created boundaries of separation I feel the presence of the Radiant Beauty in nature and in sentient beings. Daily practice of meditation and mindfulness open the door of my heart. I feel at home even though physically I may not be at home.I become intimate with me, with nature and the people with me and around me.

    As mentioned before, loving awareness, meditation and mindful living help me to see the all-pervading "Beauty". This isSadhana, practicingspirituality and living spiritually.
    JagdishP Dave

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