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    On Dec 6, 2019 janelle wrote:

    the belief in total randomness sounds depressing to me because it places a sense of worthlessness and futility on my life. I’ve heard christians being “put down” for “clinging to a belief” of a man who was an extension ofGod, but alive in human form, and through his sinless life anddeath he became “the way, the truth, and the life”... which gave purpose and meaning to each unique and individual life. The beauty of the belief in this higher power ... this supreme deity ... who for some reason desires fellowship and a relation with humans, is that it gives ultimate purpose and a reason for ALL occurances that you call “random acts”... because the God knows they exist, and ultimately will use those circumstances to help teach lessons of awareness to those individuals involvedof something that is more vast and great andinconceivable to us at this moment. It doesn’t hurt us to “believe that God makes all things good in the end”... it’s called faithand hope. and it gives encouragement and meaning tonour lives, and a positive attitude. but it does hurt us emotionally to not believe it and to turn our backs on God.

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