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    On Dec 6, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    We live in the world of forms, the outward forms with names and titles, yours and mine, the above and the below. We relate to the world with distinctions. Underneaththe forms and distinctions there is oneness, wholeness. formlessness. Remainingawake and aware of the underlying oneness or wholeness helps me to relate to the world of distinctions.

    I work with children and parents who outwardly look different age wise, look wise and in many other ways.When I relate to them from my heart the outward differences get dissolved creating a deep sense of oneness or wholeness. Unconditional love opens the heart doors creating a deep sense of wholeness or oneness.

    Spiritual awakening and awareness of the underlying oneness in manynesshelps me to stay rooted in a generouswholeness without losing touch with the world and its distinctions. The outer eyes see the distinctions, the inner eyes see the wholeness, beyond space and time. As the poet Pablo Neruda says, " all of us are dust or sand, all of us are rain in the rain."
    May we remain awake and be awareof the the underlying wholeness and oneness without losing touch with the world and its distinctions.
    JagdishP Dave

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