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    On Dec 6, 2019 David Doane wrote:

    I actively support the notion of letting go of the name. When I lead a group therapy, I direct people to leave their last names, titles, roles, and social histories (like where you went to high school, where you work, where you live) at the door, and be in group personally to get beyond those social distinctions and meet as persons. In group, it's unknown whether someone is a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker. It's unknown whether a person is wealthy or poor, from this side of the tracks or that side, knows this person or that. Persons are guided to be present as persons. Persons find out what's left when 'names' or distinctions are let go of. I feel more the genuine wholeness of being a person by letting go of distinctions, and it appears others do too. The world of distinctions is a different world than the personal world. I know the world of distinctions is out there, and it's powerful so I'm careful as to how I take it on. I also know time in relating to others without distinctions helps me stay rooted in a generous wholeness, helps me be in the world of distinctions and not of it.

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