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    On Nov 8, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    When we are not in the fight, flight or freeze survival zone, our mind and heart are open to see and experience amazing, vowing and magnificent presence of natural beauty and beauty of human mind and human heart. We are born with the sense of curiosity, wonderment, and magnificence. As we grow up, our natural tendency to relate and welcome the mysterious unknown gets shrunk and compartmentalized. Sadly our mind and heart shrink and become narrow by the fear of the unknown. The shine of magnificence gets obstructed by the clouds of fear.

    My true self is not bound by attachment or aversion. It is vast and open. My ego self lives in a closed, fragmented and narrow world. Whenever I am in the being zone free from fear of losing my self, in the zone of unconditioned love and unconditional acceptance my magnificence eruptsbeyond its walls of containment.

    I am grateful to my beloved lifepartner who provided an ambience of letting me to be me in my relationship with her. In this relationship we become one. In such relationships there are no walls of fear, worry and other obstructions.
    I become mindful of whatever arises in my mind that blocks the experience of wonderment. I accept it, investigate it and learn from it. Living in the world of fear, anger, hatred and cruelty gives me an opportunity to work on myself and help others to work on themselves.

    JagdishP Dave

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    On Nov 12, 2019 I hear you wrote:


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