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    On Sep 20, 2015 Nancy wrote:

    Once a corporate officer ,time was an enemy as I never had enough of it.  I had to manage, motivate and assure  targets were met as well as budgets and revenue projections. As a Human Doing, patience was not one of my virtues.

    It took a near fatal car accident and in a rehab hospital for 3 1/2 years for me to become a Human Being. With new maturity,  I saw that Time is life. It takes Time to heal. I learned to Trust. I could not control the outcome.But I could work on my behalf. I learned to meditate, visualize and dream. I learned to be partners with Breath.

    Back in the world, I saw I had a choice to bring my maturity with me.When I don't,  I catch myself and just breathe. Later when I review my day I forgive my lack of compassion where I did not just breathe into the situation. This is ongoing as I am no saint. I AM A HUMAN BEING! I am a work in progress learning to respect ALL.

    See the words earth and heart in the word Breathe? Well the Aether is there as well. The Aether the 5th element is Chi/Prana: Breath. Hate is there as well. All life is a choice. Hate is fear. I prefer to send out love with my breath. Love and Fear cannot co-exist. Namaste.

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    On Jul 20, 2020 Rajni wrote:

    All beings carry the samespark of God within. Actually speaking, we are God with human experience. Our karma decides our fate, be it waiting in the line or meeting an accident. Accepting whatever comes to us as a gift from God makes our life easy. God has given us free will to think, speak and act . However we have the right over the action and not the fruit there of, thus saidBhagavad Gita. Some people learn lessons with FULL 100% unwavering FAITH in God with His blessings and some learn hard way being injured in accident or else while resting and healing in the hospital.

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