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    On Sep 11, 2015 david doane wrote:

    I believe, as I learned from a mentor John Warkentin, that the most significant contact between two people is unconscious to unconscious, soul to soul.  My words and actions are feeble compared to my real inner presence that affects the other and is affected by the inner presence of the other.  The field beyond right and wrong is the field of my unconscious, beyond intention, purpose, goals.  It is the field of right action of the eight fold path, wherein I do my truth impeccably, leaving the outcome to God, hoping for the best.  The response is a surprise -- sometimes I get no overt response, sometimes I get a negative response, and sometimes I get a positive response of having touched someone in a deep way.  Being in the field beyond right and wrong is satisfying in itself -- a positive response, such as receiving a thank you, is a satisfying bonus.  What helps me develop new eyes to see beyond right and wrong is reminding myself that my responsibility is to be true to my experience or truth and not try to control outcome -- learning that opens my eyes.

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