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    On Sep 11, 2015 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Rumi's poem says it all. Yes . There is a place beyond right and wrong, a place beyond the legal, rational, social and moral right and wrong. And that place is the place where there is no yours or mine zone. As the Buddha says: Gone, gone, gone beyond the gone and even beyond the beyond. What an awakening! what a bliss!

    Our two worldly eyes are colored by the non-unifying perspective. We live in the dualistic physical, mental, emotional  social and even religious world. As law- abiding citizens of this world, understandably, we need to comply with the laws to maintain social order.However, when we love someone from our heart and in our heart, the outbound rules and regulations disappear and we breathe the same breath. The other is no more the other. The other is me and me is the other. There is seamless oneness.

    This is not an ideal utterance or wishful thinking. I have experienced such Divine oneness in deep meditative state, in relationships with people close to me or remote from me. I feel it like being in the clear blue sky. It is like being touched by a cool breeze of air, like holding a baby in our hands, or someone offering a glass of water to a thirsty traveler. I have experienced such precious moments. We are blessed to have such Divine experiences in this world while we are alive.

    May we know how to to create such a sanctuary and live in the field beyond the right and wrong!

    Jagdish P Dave

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