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    On Sep 4, 2015 david doane wrote:

     Love, like water, gets into every nook and cranny, unselectively affecting everything it touches.  We need water to survive; we may not need love to survive, but it certainly helps us to grow and thrive.  Like water, love expects nothing in return.  Like with water, there's enough love to go around, but we better treasure it and use it wisely, not pollute and misuse it.  Unlike water, which is a limited commodity, love is limitless.  Love is like muscle, becoming larger and stronger with use; love isn't like a bar of soap that diminishes with use.  When I have been loved, I felt that my real self was welcome and valued, and I was open.  I feel pleased and privileged when someone responds in that way to me.  As I become older, and maybe wiser, I have a more generalized love/compassion, which pleases me very much.  Having been loved and being loved have probably helped me the most to develop the ability to love.  

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