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    On Sep 4, 2015 Abhishek wrote:

    Off late, I have begun to observe that putting the word 'love' to the space and experience we call 'love' is trying to reduce it in some way, to make it more 'amenable' to be able to speak about it, switch it on-off etc....

    And yet I see the irony of our world, where we sing and write so much about love, and yet there are so many unhealthy expressions of that love (like war, which is perhaps born out of love for one's country or ilk)

    Perhaps becuase, there is love and then there is Love.

    'love' can choose and decide where to be showered, it can turn on and off, it can change in face of experiences, it can convert to jealousy or control (or have shades of it).....

    Love, on the other hand is the space of is so free, boundless, like an ocean of water that itself is also submerged in water....there there is only water.....(and there I go again, using words to describe something beyond words!)

    i hope eventually our capacity to 'love' reveals to us the experience of Love - after which 'love' will no longer be a 'capacity' but in our being...

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