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    On Sep 3, 2015 sheetal wrote:

    I loved this one! Feeling completely in sync with what Mark has to say about love. Especially where he explains
    "these choices are not in our province, any more than rain can choose what it shall fall upon". For long the word 'love" would scare would mean dependence, weakness, vulnerability and everything else but "love" and so the best policy would be to ignore or "play safe", be on constant guard lest love becomes visible. All this games made me hard, judging and arrogant. I became very self critical too. Until a day came when I read this book by Dr. Brian Weiss "Messages from Masters" which explains tapping into the power of love to capture its healing energies. This changed my perspective on "love" and I started experimenting by allowing love to flow. The process has been going on for past decade and the learning is to acknowledge the deeper feeling of love in your own system. Saying "yes" to it within, then there's no need to share it with anyone. Like rain it will automatically fall and flow. Effortlessness emerges where human intervention stops. The key is acceptance and allowance. The moment you deny or intervene, mind games begin. We have a plant in our garden called "brahmakamal"  that blooms only once a year when it rains. The flower is a white beautiful lotus with intoxicating fragrance that opens in the night to last and live for a few hours. Once, I was observing this flowering process and was amazed to see how the flower whose life is so short gives itself fully. This realization opened my heart to loving and giving without expectation. Keeping guard on expectation helps love flow freely and you are then constantly surrounded by grace of love. Its right there, the question is "are you open to it"?

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