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    On Aug 29, 2015 Sara wrote:

     Poetry as a refuge for inner reflection. The reflections arising from this reading are related to a dimension of power only accessible through the indulgence of poetry. Envisioning the reality where we support, even encourage, our leaders -- and ourselves! -- to each practice the art of our souls, be it through words or images or movement, etc... It feels like it would mean allowing this luxury, acknowledging the inherent value of each heart's individual expression towards development of more full, and thus stronger, outcomes.

    Tangibly what comes to mind is the work of Paulo Freire, a 20th century Brazilian educator/activist known for his commitment to social justice & grass-roots transformation, and of Augusto Boal, a Brazilian theater director / activist. While my working knowledge of their work is still quite limited, what speaks strongly to me about it is the hands-on aspect of engaging with individuals, role-playing new responses that transcend the cycle of Oppression / oppressors / oppressed ....

    Main message: the power of the practice of art of transcend.

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