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    On Aug 29, 2015 david doane wrote:

    I don't know if it's true or not, but I once heard it credited to activist Dan Berrigan that he said when tyrants took over a country, the first thing they did was cut off the fingers of the poets.  It makes sense -- the tyrant doesn't want free thinking, truth telling artists stirring up problems.  The artist expresses what he sees, in the way that he sees it, in whatever medium he happens to be using.  He expresses his vision.  The artist is also being a prophet, challenging the status quo by expressing his truth.  Real art comes from the real self, from deep inside, not from the head but from the spirit or soul.  The artist is inspired and creative, expressing his truth from his spirit or soul in his own unique way.  When I do that, I am being an artist.  My medium seems to be words, either written or spoken.  There have been times I have been true to my real self through my words, and when I am I feel a deep satisfaction, whether what I say or write is rejected or accepted.  I recognize my artist self by knowing that my vision, my experience, my truth is unique and special, as is everyone's, and if I don't express it, it will never be expressed, and my knowing that helps me to honor it.

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