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    On Aug 28, 2015 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    The Sanskrit word for the poet is arshadrushta- one who has a  clear sight and has a clear vision of the future. It is like seeing through the "third eye". She lives in the present, knows the downside of the power, is aware of social injustice but is not imprisoned by the short and narrow vision. What she says, writes and stands for may not be popular and may go against the prevailing societal currents. They have clear inner vision and inner strength. They blaze a new trail.

    Art, like  strength, takes different forms. There is the art of living- living a life founded on a cosmic vision of living. A living that goes beyond the self-serving, self-centered, greed-based, power and fame hungry, my is the only right way and others are ignorant, stupid and inferior. Such narrow and short sighted vision has damaged the lives of people, nations and life in nature.We are blessed to have visionary people with cosmic consciousness to help us expand our consciousness. Such visionary people at times are crucified. They leave inspiring footprints on the sands of time. I am blessed to  experience the presence of such highly evolved beings like Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore and Anandimaiya to name a few.

    All of us have the potential  to be such artists.We are in the process of evolving. There are times when we wake up and start walking on that path and feel deeply connected with the higher level of consciousness. And some times we go back to the same old way of living, going back to sleep.

    May we have the vision and courage to go beyond the limited and limiting way of seeing and living!

    Jagdish P Dave

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