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    On Sep 6, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Life is a balancing act. It's like a string of a string instrument. If you stretch it too hard, it will break. If you keep it too lose, it will not make a sound. Like all of us I have felt thousands of joys and thousands of sorrows; thousands of ups and thousands of downs. I have learned the art of being mindful of the swings of energy I am experiencing in my body and mind, acknowledge it and flow with it without getting stuck with it or frozen by it. In the Yoga system is called Samatva Yoga- Path of Equanimity.

    We all go through different kinds of losses. There are times when I have found them too muchto bear. When I saw my parents, brothers and sisters passing away right in front of my eyes, it was very hard for me to maintain the equanimity and balance. Each passing away has taught me to
    be aware of the gifts each one of them had given to me from their heart. Holding such precious gifts of love in my heart and feeling grateful to them have enriched my life with love, joy and gratefulness.

    Mindfulness is a nonjudgmental existential awareness of what's happening in me. Such awareness helps me to create and sustain balance in my life. It keeps my mind awake. With practice I have been able to cultivate such mind set. There are times when I "go to sleep" and act mindlessly. These are challenging times. I have learned to face them boldly. I agree with Alice Walker when she says, "Such hard times rquirefurious dancing."

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    On Sep 10, 2019 Michael O’Hare wrote:

    Even the empty glass holds beauty as yet unseen.

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    On Sep 16, 2019 jo wrote:

    Beautiful! Thank you for the share! Understanding cultivated here ... 🌱!

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