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    On Aug 30, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    A universal human is beyond everything that divides us our personality, our physical reality such as I am a male, I am a Hindu, I am an American Indian,I am 94 years old, I am a highly accomplished person. A universal man is a citizen of the universe. A long time ago I came across a poem written by Carl Sandburg: There is one man in the world and the man's name is All Man; There is one woman in the world and the woman's name is All Woman; There is one child in the world and the child's name is All Child. I may add one line: The person's name is All Being or a Universal Soul. Am I evolving in this direction? From body, mind and individual personality? I sense it when my personality is in alignment with with the soul. I am on the WAY. I am in the making. I sense it. I experience it. I realize it.There is oneness in manyness.

    There are many small examples of my personality in alignment with my
    soul. This morning I went to SwaminarayanMandir-Temple-with my friends. I saw old and young, man and woman, multiracial, multiethnic, multi religious people in the temple. My friends and I felt the sense of Universal oneness in the sacred place. When we came out from the temple, I ran into a small family-father, mother and a little child being held in his father's hands. He looked at me with a childlike innocent smile. He extended his little hands towards me to reach out. I held him im my hands close to my heart. It was a heart filling experience of onenessgoing beyond all apparent differences. And I get such heart-filling gifts amy times.

    What helps me to have such beyond man-made boundaries is my open mind and open heart to receive such gifts. In such moments, time and space melt away. It's a pure experience of here and now consciousness, an experience of soul transcending body and mind. As the author Gary Zukav says, " We are all universal humans in training."

    Jagdish P Dave

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    On Sep 5, 2019 me wrote:


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