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    On Aug 23, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    We all have different kinds of suffering. I have sufferedand all the people I know have suffered. This is first Noble Truth. The Second Noble Truth is making an inquiry about the cause of suffering. The Third Noble Truth is to seek the way of ending the suffering. And the Fourth Noble Truth is to follow that way consistently. I love these words of wisdom expressed by Gautama Buddha. I have learned that I have caused my suffering by holding on the craving that causes suffering to me and to people close o me. When I let go of the leash that I myself have created i become free from my self created suffering. Following this path of letting go involves no loss. It frees me from my suffering and that is big gain.

    The Buddha's words of wisdom, "If you do not want to suffer don't cling." and"Whatever is not yours, abandon it; when you have abandoned it, that will lead you to your welfare and happiness." These words of wisdom have helped me to awake and be aware of what thoughts are go through my mind. As the Buddha has said "What we become what we think." Remaining awake and aware of what goes in my mind and letting go of suffering -causing thoughts helps me to walk on the Dharma path, the path leading to wellness, happiness, and peace.

    I have learned that acquiring information from books, podcasts and even teachers is not enough for me in my spiritual journey. I need to remain connected and engaged with the lessons I have learned and I am still learning and practicing and applying it everyday in my life. This is a gift and I am very grateful for receiving this gift every week that keeps me awakened.

    JagdishP. Dave

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