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    On Aug 16, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Who am I is question that arises in mind especially whendisturbing sensations, thoughts and feelings go through my body and mind and when I get stuck with them, when the stream of my energy gets blocked by such recurring sensations thoughts and feelings. When I pay compassionate attention to what is happening in me, the question comes to my mind what is, who is suffering? At that time I realize that I have the body and I have the mind but I am not the body and I am not the mind. When I do not identify myself with the body and mind, the forms, I realize that that I is formless.It is the flow of life with no forms. It dawns upon me that I am not this or that but beyond these forms. And that is I and I is that.
    Many years ago when my wife and I went to RamanMaharshiArunachala Ashram in India, we sat quietly in the hall where RamanMaharshiwas meditating. Sitting doing nothing we felt the Presence of him. We sat there for an hour and felt our formless nature, our true nature going beyond names, shapes and forms. This experience reminds me of the Zen poem:
    Sitting by the river, doing nothing,
    Spring comes, the grass grows by itself.
    The experience I had in the Ashram many years ago has opened my inner door to realize who I am. Such knowing comes from giving myself time to me to listen to my soundless sound, to realize the "great truth has great silence." Reading books and acquiring information does not help me to know my nature, who am I. What helps me to be rooted in my nature is letting my mind be still to be connected with my nature, my true self.
    May we keep our inner door open to see the Self dwelling in us.
    Jagdish P Dave

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    On Aug 23, 2019 amy wrote:


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