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    On Jul 3, 2015 susan schaller wrote:

    Thank you, Gertrude.  I'm in N.C. right next to S.C. where people were killed while they thought they were safe in a church.  I've been to several groups who want to talk about ending racism.  Mostly white folk up here in the mountains, and I hear guilt, anger and sadness.  People want to end racism, but don't really see the connection to them. I see it in me when I hold on to money and other illusions of security.  When I let go of money, my idea of safety and comfort, cross the street, sit with others, the poor, the disenfranchised, and the hurting, I give up some privilege I was born into.  And, I discover as our friend in the article did, that human to human, from the heart, giving will change our hearts, transforming fear and anger, the root of hate into compassion, empathy - love. Gertrude knew the value of money - it's worthless in your pocket or bank.  Stagnant, like water, it will begin to rot, attracting the mosquitos of fear and greed. Open our hearts and hands and let the sharing be an airing in the sunshine of love.

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