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    On Jun 16, 2015 david doane wrote:

    I believe the mind is the result of collective human development over centuries (or maybe millenia).  I believe the mind is not your mind or my mind but a human mind.  However, I don't believe that privacy in personal life is impossible.  My  thoughts are part of collective development or collective unconscious, and my thoughts affect the collective life I am part of, and I can keep them private.  I guess my thoughts are both private and collective.  My inner or psychological life can be kept private and is a social issue.  My cousin committed suicide last week -- I am sad about that -- he kept his thoughts private and his thoughts and action affect all of us.  That thoughts can be kept private doesn't mean that they and the action they result in don't affect all of us.   We develop awareness of how interconnected our minds are by reminding ourselves that we are one, we are expressions of one Source -- how can our minds be anything but interconnected?

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