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    On Jul 30, 2019 J. M. wrote:

    I perceive my world as a holographic co- creation that's here for a purpose, and that purpose is so our light bodies can experience 3D in a 3D form. If it wasn't so manipulated by those who think suffering is necessary for growth, it would be a mostly pleasant experience.
    The co-created holographic Earth is a jewel in the Universe and worthy of our astonishment at its beauty. It's stunning to the human eye but there are places that require rehabilitation. We chose this Earth "matrix" for our spiritual advancement using 3D, but we are enslaved by those who are service to self (SOS) and not service to others (STO). These sts entities are the unawakened, greedy, selfish, power hungry sleep-walkers of the world. They are prominent in the news because they love power over others. Unfortunately they include both STS extraterrestrials and human counterparts.
    There is a battle being fought in dimensions that are primarily of thought, intentions and co creation on a spiritual plane. There is a dark side, but missiles, bombs and bullets aren't the weapons. Our job as awakened humans is to send loving compassion to all beings everywhere without judgment. This is how the battle is won, and the dark side cannot win against so much love. Even now their forces are diminishedand they are losing because humanity is beginning to awaken in large numbers.

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