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    On Jul 30, 2019 Merlin wrote:

    I loved the Matrix because I identify with how reality and illusion are created energetically, how powerful our minds are and our thoughts in creating and/or limiting our reality. I question life and what it is everyday. The Matrix brought up interesting ideas about this making life much more to do with energy and vibration, and how we shape it with the way we think, then it is a solid, absolute reality, There are huge corporations shaping our world, gathering every persons thoughts big and small,run by powerful men, mainly. They have formed huge information centers for collecting and storing data, information and ideas. All of us are in there as data, in one way or another.They are carefully manipulating, through "marketing" ideas and images, and sounds which are vibrations/energy, shaping beliefs and perceptions of huge numbers of people, to fuel their dreams and creations, and designs. They use your thoughts and emotions as energy to manage an idea, empower a person, create wars, design a product, create an incident, kill thousands of living things including people or just one living thing. They are so powerful due to the people they have plugged into their system. These "corporations" can make you famous in a single day or moment, or suddenly destroy your whole dream/life in a single moment or day. The more of you who "click" LIKE, the more of you who believe and direct your thoughts in one flow of energy the more that energy becomes reality. Is that a matrix. It is an energy matrix and I pity the person who wants to stand against, speak against or leave the matrix.

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    On Jul 30, 2019 J.M wrote:

    Yes indeed. I recommend studying the Law of One. These manipulations are addressed in these writings and those who manipulate are referred to as service to self entities. (sts) They are both of the human realm and are also extraterrestrial. There are a ton of explanations in these channeled writings that come from ET beings who are not sts but feel that their purpose is to help humanity understand why things are the way they are. They also offer ways to respond to these energies that are here as catalyst; catalyst being obstacles placed in our way to thwart our progress in the holographic 3D experience.

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