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    On Jul 30, 2019 Marc wrote:

    I’ll never forget this one time, when I was in a field with two of my brothers, and we were discussing religion and spirituality and the origin of the mind and consciousness, and suddenly I popped. I remember noticing my one brothers mind struggling to comprehend something, and then, my mind ceased. My ego/personality disappeared. I lay on the ground hysterically laughing, looking at our car and pointing, laughin, exclaiming “I’m the car”.. my one brother was laughing with me, as he got it, the other one, a bit annoyed. I laid there laughing for maybe 10 minutes. Then a sense of obligation returned. What I would give to experience something like that now, as I’m going through a difficult and painful season where work, relationships, friendships just aren’t working, laughter has all but disappeared, Joy , peace, love, all fleeting. It’s crazy to think of how “we” can go in and out like that of the matrix. But knowing that it’s that there, what it is, ok such a deep and profound level, is one of the things that has kept me persisting through the dark times. Amen to that. Thanks for sharing

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    On Nov 13, 2019 Jen Hall wrote:

    I LOVE THIS. It is so attainable, that Joy and Pure awareness. Keep seeking, find the people that give you goosebumps and speak Truth and Breathe Life, and do what they do until you understand what you are here to do. Such a beautiful fucking ride, even in the pain of letting go, those moments of bliss that arrive after are worth every second of mind(FULL) suffering.

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