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    On Jul 29, 2019 David Doane wrote:

    Your question implies the dream world is not real. As I see it, the asleep world is as real as the awake world, dreams are just as real, and dreams are part of both worlds. My nighttime dreams tend to be less controlled and more vivid, while my daytime dreams tend to be more controlled and suppressed. We tend to forget all dreams or pretend they never happened. Daytime reality and night time reality are different realities. Dreams, be they at night or during the day, are dream reality, a different reality from nondream reality. At this level of awake and asleep, it's all illusion. We live in illusion -- we are all conditioned, programmed, and hypnotized by our culture as to what to see and what is real, and to a great extent we never get over it. Important factors in my becoming aware of living in an illusion were mentors who helped me wake up to some extent, break through illusion, and be present and see what is. Now that I have some freedom from illusion I recognize illusion and also see past it and see what is. I am in illusion but not of it.

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    On Jul 30, 2019 JediDiah wrote:

    Thank you, my mirror ; )

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