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    On Jul 26, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    The dream world, the world of illusion, is created and sustained by my distorted perceptions. It is like seeing a rope as a snake. The real world as it is, is created and sustained by my clear perceptions. When I live in the world of illusion or the world of unreality, I create problems for me and for others. The dream world is the world of my projections. When I am aware of my inner world and outer world, I free myself form my self-created prison. The real world is the world of inner freedom.
    There was a time in my life when I felt heavy duty depression.My mind was occupied with suicidal thoughts and depressive feelings. I felt compassion f and support of people who deeply cared about me.That sustained my life line.Even in the dark clouds of total despair, there was a glimmer of self-awareness that created light of seeing the world of misery and suffering I had created by my intense craving and thirst for filling my heart with love. The inner light of awareness brought me out of the dream world I had created and helped me see the real world. I learned a great lesson of life. Happiness comes from within and not without. I learned how my intense craving and thirst caused suffering in me. I learned how to fill the inner emptiness by me remaining awake and relate to the inner source of happiness. My experience of suffering has helped me to understand the suffering of others empathicallyand kindly.
    What helps me to break through self-created world of illusion and suffering is to give myself time everyday to be with me and explore my inner world with compassionate self-awareness. Not to sleep, but to wake up and see the inner light.
    May we cultivate self-awarenessand loving kindness for us and for others in our life!
    Jagdish P Dave

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