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    On Jul 26, 2019 Abhishek Jhawar wrote:

    What a wonderful article, I very much relate with this article that relationships are here to make us conscious. Yesterday Arnika, a friend of mine said to me: Abhishek, when you can't confess something directly, you confuse people. And this is the statement which made me to think over it lke is it really true?

    The answer is yes, whenever I wanted to refuse somene's proposal or if I don't want to do business with someone, I find it very difficult to say NO to people. That doesn't mean I do business with all, but I keep making up the stories and stretch the conversation even if it's not needed.

    Like the article, my coach Mr. Ashok also told me the same last year, your relationship is like the mirror. It will tell you exactly how you're doing in life. Because, the kind of feedback you get in your work or office are always articulated in such a way, you won't find any big difficulty in listening to it. But, a relationship is something, where every single activity is just to make you aware of how you're making it up in your life. It's not to cry or laugh or fight. But to accept, Yes, this is what is happeing around me. Do I want the same to happen again, or i need to change my activities in any way?

    Just one conscious decision can help me to live an extra ordinary life. Just a conscious reflection is enough.

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