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    On Apr 21, 2015 Syd wrote:

    I am just beginning to learn this “yes” that is within ‘now or never’ and ‘now and always.’ My connection to the moment, within this “yes,” is my mind moving from chaos into serenity. My mental chaos has always created my deep reactions. I would speculate and theorize, examining ideas from every angle and endlessly producing new interpretations, until I would lose the forest for the trees. Because there was no sense of certitude everything remain hanging in the air, even in a cloud of possibilities. So this “yes” is this acceptance of life exactly as it is. The “yes” is providing the ability to accept the conditions I am working with. The “yes” is offering a deeper serenity, even an opening to allow the energies of life to flow.

    This “yes” for me is learning I no longer need to cling to anything, inner or outer. I particularly do not need to cling to the endless activity of my mind. This is a radical acceptance of life for me and is a spiritual injunction to “be in the world but not of it,” just as David wrote. I still experience my wanting to hold onto my ideas, so I am not fully within this mind that offers stillness and peace. I will say, though, I accept I am powerless and I beginning to plug into a new outlet that has no electrical current. It no longer matters other than I am awake, sober and in clear contact with my immediate experience.

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