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    On Apr 17, 2015 david doane wrote:

     'Now or never' conveys to me urgency, that opportunity presents itself now and there is not time to waste, there is no guarantee that the opportunity will stay.  'Now and always' conveys to me that the choice entails crossing a line and there is no going back, as it's a life changing choice that lasts forever.  The choice is between data or wisdom, between attachment or freedom, between things or spirit, between control or surrender, between doing or being, between busyness or stillness, between separation or unity, between yes or no.  I face this choice ongoingly.  For me it's not really a matter of giving up data, things, doing, but a matter of being in control of them rather than letting them be in control of me.  It's an ongoing process of being in the world but not of it.  Sometimes I make it.  It helps me to remind myself of this and abide in awareness of it.

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