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    On Apr 17, 2015 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     I hear the clear voice of YES when I am still. In that space of being, I feel the presence of YES. This YES is beyond my analytical mind and free from self-created afflictions. This YES is my never failing friend, the eternal beloved. It is beyond the right and the wrong. I feel this YES when I hold a sad and crying child in my arms. I feel it when a stranger holds me from falling down and when someone lets me cry and wipes my tears. I feel it when I laugh spontaneously by myself  and with my family, friends, children and at times with strangers. It happens. I do not make it happen.  I feel blessed to have such YES experiences everyday in my life. It is the sound of silence and I hear it when I my noisy mind is quiet, I see the ever present  light when the self -created clouds fade away.

    YES is the meeting place where we celebrate the gift of life together transcending divisive boundaries created by us..Blessed we are to receive and share such blessings. Life is good.

    May we all get connected with the flow of YES. Namaste

    Jagdish P Dave

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