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    On Apr 14, 2015 Syd wrote:

    This writing by Parker Palmer appears to have found his soul in pain and suffering, also finding his soul in a circle of friends who can sit quietly with. My experience of my soul is like an inner landscape. It resembles someone riding a bicycle on a beautiful day and enjoying everything about the flow of the experience. This inner world is this experience of effortless oneness and appears to come from being in union with others. The soul creates a whole picture rather than a particular part. Keeping this unity within existence appears to be this self-realization I need action to embrace life, rather than this internal zone where I feel safe, peaceful, comfortable, and I will not be disturbed by anything.

    My soul can daydream. It can be present without content and can be without meaningful awareness of others too. There is safety in my imagination. So to me the soul takes action and to see everything changing and growing, just as my soul grows and changes. The soul is like surrendering my familiar identity and moving into the dynamism of life. It is active role in making life harmonious for everyone. This action creates love and has a dynamic effect on the soul. It is like love melts down barriers and boundaries, constantly restoring awareness with this unity. The sense of separation dissolves and the brilliant light of Divine Love flows within, creating and sustaining everyone and everything.

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