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    On Mar 31, 2015 Carol Stewart wrote:

     For nearly 40 years I have been exploring the wisdom of The Tree of Life. Each of the Spheres on The Tree have a spiritual quality. The quality of Silence is the Spiritual Virtue of the 3rd Sphere. This sphere is also entitled "Understanding." I have come to call it "the deepest darkest place of the greatest light" - I think this is where St John of the Cross  was when he wrote "I was stunned and stammering...rising beyond all science."  The little piece of God each of us carries is held in that place - a memory of what one came here to do, one's response to human suffering, a discovery of the inevitability of one's own beauty - all that in an instant of eternity. I can see why Silence is a Spiritual Virtue, an appropriate Silence is respect and honor to even a glimmer of that truth within. 

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