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    On Jun 28, 2019 David Doane wrote:

    I very much like this essay. Joy Harjo exhorts us to remember our oneness with all that is, which we forgot. We are one with the sun and moon and stars, one with all who came before us and will come after us, one with earth, one with all plants and animals. All that is is one, as it has been since the beginning of time and will be until the end of time, and we are part of it. We once had that awareness, then we forgot and have lived as though separate, and we are beginning to bring back to mind or remember the fact of oneness, which is critically important for us to remember for our very survival. It's been over the past approximately 15 years that I have remembered more deeply that we are one, which I learned mainly from the Buddhist and Vedantic traditions, and I remind myself of it frequently.

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    On Jun 28, 2019 me wrote:


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