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    On Jun 27, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Remembrance brings me to the realization that all threads of life are interwoven and interconnected and there is an underlying flow of oneness.Like the author Joy Harjowrites," Remember you are the universe and this universe is in you. There are times I forget this Universal Truth.Thanks for reminding me the truth. We all need to be often reminded that life is one though it has different forms.Hurting nature is hurting us.

    Several years ago when I was teaching in a college in my home town Ahmedabad. My students and I went to an exhibition.The theme of the exhibition was Family of Man. At the entrance there was a poem written by Carl Sandburg." There is one Man in the world and the Man's name is All Man. There is one Woman in the world and the Woman's name is all Woman. These is one Child in the world and the Child's name is all Child."
    I would add this line:" There is one Life in the world and the Life,s name is all Life." I will never forget these words of wisdom.

    I need to remain awake and mindful everyday to remember this Universal Truth. Every morning I hear birds chirping, flowers blossoming, grass growing, the wind touching me, thesun shining, the clouds floating in the
    sky. It helps me me to remember that there is a flow of life everywhere and we are essentially one.
    Jagdish P Dave

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